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'Scoutle sold to Triberr

Scoutle sold to Triberr

scoutleTriberrNEW YORK, N.Y., February 16, 2015 – Triberr Inc. has purchased Scoutle for an undisclosed amount. The influence marketing powerhouse announced the acquisition amid excitement, making a preliminary forecast that the virality prediction feature will be available to all Triberr members this summer.

Search engines and social networking sites place a disproportionate value on the opinions of people who take the step to like, share, and link to quality content. Dogan says that “relying on this type of signals intelligence leaves out the 99% of people who take no action what-so-ever.”

“When I first saw Scoutle from the outside, I wasn’t impressed. But when Godfried Van Loo, [Founder of Scoutle] let us look under the hood, I was floored. Scoutle can tell if you like this article you’re reading right now, whether you click to Like it or not,” said Triberr cofounder and CEO, Dino Dogan.

Even though the two companies were founded in different countries, at different times, and by different people, both have tackled the same problem. Great content often fails to reach its audience, while frivolous content often goes viral. Both Triberr and Scoutle help great content find an even greater audience.

Scoutle’s approach to determining the quality and virality of content relies on ordinary behavior users exhibit while consuming content. For example, a 1000 words long article will take about 5 minutes to read, so if the reader stays on the page for 30 seconds, the article is likely not relevant to the search phrase. This is only one of close to 100 data points baked right into Scoutle’s proprietary algorithm, and not a single data point relies on user-generated action such as like, share, or link.

Dogan goes on to say, “The implications of this technology are staggering. Once it’s widely adopted, we will know what the remaining 99% of us thinks. We’re finally going to learn what kind of content the introverts like. The anti-social ones. The ones who liked an article but didn’t want to share it for reasons known only to them. We’re finally going to be able to break out of the action-signal filter bubble.”

Triberr initially planned a summer release for their new prediction engine but the news surrounding the technology has attracted several investors who would like to see this technology rolled out as soon as possible. Dogan added “We’re so excited about the potential of this technology that we’re raising our first round in order to accelerate the deployment of the prediction engine.”

About Triberr Inc.
A New York City-based startup founded in 2011, Triberr Inc. hires the new breed of celebrities (bloggers, podcasters, and YouTubers) as paid spokespersons for some of the biggest brands in the world. Brands are able to recruit and manage 100s of ceWEBrities at a time and tap into their collective audience.


About Scoutle
An Amsterdam-based startup founded by Godfried Van Loo in 2008, Scoutle has developed a search engine algorithm that ranks content by quality, virality, and relevance without the need for any user-generated action.


'Social Drums sold to Media Injection

Social Drums sold to Media Injection



As of the 1st of May, Media Injection (MI) will take over all clients and activities of Social Drums. Social Drums, part of Yocter, is located in Utrecht and offers an all-in-one social media web care and management tool. With this take-over, Media Injection strengthens its position as market leader in social media management tools.

Social Drums is a part of Yocter that focuses on the development and sales of new innovative online initiatives. To let both companies flourish and offer good services to the customers, owner and founder Godfried van Loo decided to sell Social Drums to Media Injection. In the future, he will focus on new innovations of Yocter. Van Loo will act as an advisor for Media Injection.

Just like Media Injection, Social Drums was one of the first in The Netherlands that specialised in social media management tools, of which the first version entered the market in 2010. ‘’Media Injections ambition is inspiring and I am very happy to be involved in the development of their platform through this advising position.’’ says Godfried van Loo.

Over the past few years, both social media management tools have experienced strong developments, each with a different focus. Now that the business community is well-established in the social media landscape, the take-over is a logical next step. Achmed Awad: ‘’The knowledge and experience that we bring in with this take-over is beneficial for the ambitions of Media Injection.’’

With the take-over, the current Social Drums clients will be offered the option to completely transfer to the social media management platform of Media Injection. After the take-over, Social drums will disappear from the market. Achmed Awad, CEO of Media Injection: ‘’We don’t expect problems in this transitional phase, but of course we will assist where necessary to make sure these clients will feel at home on our platform.’’

'Qurify! sold to Visualead

Qurify! sold to Visualead

After about 4 years, 3 million visitors, 5 million pageviews, 7 million QR Codes, thousands of links and references from New York Times, blogs, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and more… Qurify! is sold to and implemented by to help you design even more beautiful QR Codes.

So to all Qurify lovers… Thanks and have fun at Visualead!
(And all you Dutch that are using our professional version: We now welcome you at !)

'LAUNCH: Our newest tool Statilizer

LAUNCH: Our newest tool Statilizer

statilizerDutch startup Statilizer launched a brand new tool that provides on-demand social media analytics and benchmarking reports for brand managers, marketers and PR professionals in a hurry. This on-demand service provides easy to read in-depth social media research data, based on a pay-per-use model.

Why wait for weekly analytics reports with monthly subscriptions? Statilizer lets users select and compare data the moment it is needed most. After processing, data is visualized in an online dashboard with over 400 interactive charts and graphs. Users can zoom in and out, export the data and discover all relevant and real-time information there is to know on a brand, its fans, employees and competitors.

In the real-time world of social media, up-to-date knowledge on fan behavior, competitor activity and how well employees are anticipating is crucial. Competitors, advertising campaigns and fans come and go. What is important today, can be insignificant a day later. To anticipate these changes more accurately, brand managers and marketers can simply no longer rely on their weekly analytics reports. These mainly show only a fixed list of competitors and the number of new fans they gained. Statilizer now brings custom-made social media analytics and powerful benchmarking as an on-demand pay-per-use service. Real-time insights, the moment you need it. Starting with Facebook Pages.

Registration for a Statilizer account is free of charge. The account gives access to (free) digital reports. Statilizer reports offer a wide variety of processed data. They include a summary, called the Performance Ratio: A chart that uses several algorithms to calculate what Facebook Page does best using KPI settings that can even be customized. For more detailed data, there are hundreds of interactive charts and graphs that include export possibilities so users can easily show them to colleagues or use them as images in blogposts. A discount is even given to journalists and bloggers.

Statilizer is being used by companies like LEWIS PRCemit DSAjax and CliniClowns. It has been developed by the Dutch social media software firm Yocter, founded by Dutch web innovator Godfried van Loo.