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"Think ahead, think again, think out loud."
Yocter = experiment with tomorrow's technology. For all our sakes. So why not join us? Let's not just wait the future to show up. With the latest technologies we create new horizons to stare at.



The Innovation Pioneer

Yocter invents, develops, sells and manages revolutionary and extremely cool online innovations to make you, your mother, neighbor and even your pet happy.

About Yocter

Dream on, dream on

On average, we're working on 8 different concepts which are most certainly not always mentioned on our website. In fact, some may even get sold before we got a chance.


We produce ideas, and develop complete concepts. Want to enrich your brand or company or seen a cool technology you want to make use of? Call us. We'll help you out.

Yocter, the word

The name Yocter comes from "yocto": the smallest official metric prefix, denoting a factor of 10-24. Why? Because innovation in essence, is as tiny as you can imagine.

Godfried van Loo
Godfried van Loo

Yocter's founder Godfried van Loo can't sit still and may seem restless, but thinking of creative ways to use new technologies, is how he gets some sleep. So feel free to disturb.




Say hello!

Did someon tell you about a cool innovation we're working on? Or you got a cool idea yourself or would simply just want to say hello? Call Godfried, he'll be most welcome to answer your questions.