Godfried van Loo speaker in Antwerpen, Belgium

Yocter on October 1, 2011. Tags: , , ,
On Wednesday, Octerber 12th, Godfried van Loo will be speaking in Antwerpen, Belgium on the “Benzinedag“. Topic: Social Media: How to use them practically and successfully at your petrol station?


Rather than a being just a buzz word, social media are a rich opportunity. Nowadays, social network sites are visited several hours a day by people of all ages and cross-sections of the population. This is what makes them such an interesting tool for companies, both for attracting new customers and for building customer relationships. Since the conception of social media Yocter has been helping companies to find their way. How can your company benefit from social media? Yocter is a challenging source of inspiration and advice. Discover how the company’s owner, Godfried van Loo, would use social media if he was to run a petrol station.

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