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'Godfried van Loo speaker at Cross Media Café

Godfried van Loo speaker at Cross Media Café

Today, Tuesday April 21st, 2015, Godfried van Loo (Founder of Yocter) will be speaking at the Cross Media Café during the Media Future Week in Hilversum. Subject: Predictive Analytics / Predicting Data.

About Media Future Week

After the success of past years iMMovator, in cooperation with at least ten universities of applied science, organize the fifth Media Future Week (MFW) at Media Park in Hilversum from 20-23 April. Students, professors and lectors from various media programs will be taken on a rollercoaster ride of co-creation sessions, crossovers, lectures and inspiration sessions with leading speakers from the international media industry. Media Future Weeks’ purpose is to bring participants to the next level in their field and improve the relationship between education and media industry.

Participants in the MFW are challenged to develop their own vision on the media future and their role as future media professional. They will work in mixed teams on a cross-media case from the industry. Media companies provide the MFW participants with a case or problem. During the week, the participants work on these cases and present a solution at the end of the week.

Participants of MFW are offered an exclusive program of 12 hours daily to help them to create original case solutions. Leading international media professionals will inspire the participants with enthusiastic speeches, Dutch high profile entrepreneurs will share their experiences and the participants are offered practical workshops, for example on business modeling.

The Media Future Week is supported by iMMovator, Gemeente Hilversum, Beeld en Geluid  and The Media Park.

Media Future Week
Date: April 20 – 23rd 2015
Location: Media Park in Hilversum

'Godfried van Loo speaker in Nicosia, Cyprus

Godfried van Loo speaker in Nicosia, Cyprus


January 31st, Godfried van Loo will be speaking at the 10th Digital Marketing Forum & Exhibition in Nicosia, Cyprus, about innovation in social media.

The 10th Digital Marketing Forum & Exhibition will highlight the latest trends and challenges in online marketing and digital advertising. During the forum, distinguished speakers from Cyprus and abroad will share information, practical experiences and knowledge to give you a fresh perspective on how to move your company forward into the next stage of marketing evolution. You will learn how to push the boundaries of digital marketing and advertising to make your business more successful while hearing about the best social media marketing techniques from top experts from the industry.

The congress will be conducted in English and Greek.

'Godfried van Loo speaker in Antwerpen, Belgium

Godfried van Loo speaker in Antwerpen, Belgium

On Wednesday, Octerber 12th, Godfried van Loo will be speaking in Antwerpen, Belgium on the “Benzinedag“. Topic: Social Media: How to use them practically and successfully at your petrol station?


Rather than a being just a buzz word, social media are a rich opportunity. Nowadays, social network sites are visited several hours a day by people of all ages and cross-sections of the population. This is what makes them such an interesting tool for companies, both for attracting new customers and for building customer relationships. Since the conception of social media Yocter has been helping companies to find their way. How can your company benefit from social media? Yocter is a challenging source of inspiration and advice. Discover how the company’s owner, Godfried van Loo, would use social media if he was to run a petrol station.