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Tentspot.nl was the first e-commerce concept of Yocter, and had 3 missions: Launch a webshop, gain respectable market share with exactly 0,00 marketing budget and sell the webshop within half a year. In February, 2010, Tentspot.nl was launched and sold in September 2010. Tentspot.nl by then, was a well-known Dutch tent-webshop, with happy consumer customers in The Netherlands and Belgium, including Dutch national television that used Tentspot tents in shows by Paul de Leeuw and covering the Lowlands Festival by BNN. Also, Tentspot had high positions in Google for many relevant terms. Like the first 13 organic results for the word ‘opgooitent’ (popuptent) were directly driving traffic to Tentspot.nl.

In September 2010, Tentspot.nl was sold to Van Duinkerken Camping & Sportsmall.

VISIT SITE » Tentspot.nl


In 2010, Tentspot.nl was sold
to Van Duinkerken, Amersfoort.


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