On-Demand Social Media Analytics

In the world of data analytics, many players offer a subscription model. However, in many cases you just want to quickly gather a large dataset, analyze it and use the results to whatever you want. WITHOUT a subscription. For example, when doing a market research, or competitor analysis… Statilizer was the only on-demand social media analytics when launched and therefor, made fame across the globe for this unique approach. Statilzer provided on-demand social media analytics and benchmarking reports for brand managers, marketers and PR professionals in a hurry. Users had the ability to easily gather, analyze and visualize large amounts of social media data (big data) in a pay-per-use model.

Among the over 400 clients: LEWIS PR (global PR), Ajax (Amsterdam based soccer team), Cemit DS (Italian marketing agency) and CliniClowns (Dutch charity).

How it worked

Within Statilizer, users were able to select what data they wanted to grab. From the size of the expected dataset, a price was calculated. When accepted, a new Amazon EC2 instance was created and launched. Completely independently, that instance gathered and analyzed the dataset. When finished, the results were sent back to Statilizer and offered in the user’s dashboard.

Statilizer used several EC2 instances, Amazon S3 for dataset storage, Amazon SQS for secure queing and Amazon SES for alerting by email. Statilizer was terminated in 2016.