Social Drums®

Social Media Management

First developed in 2010 but completely rebuilt in 2012, Social Drums was an All-in-One social media management & monitoring webcare tool for the Dutch market. Ideal for use with multiple employees in bigger brands with monitoring, support, marketing and PR departments cooperating in one system. Well-known clients included, among others, soccer team Ajax, CliniClowns, Cortina, Nobel Biocare, PEAK-IT, several Dutch governments and many more.

Social Drums supported social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Hyves and connected with Google Analytics and RSS. Competitor-tracking, complete benchmarking sections, and different white-label options so your followers/fans won’t even have noticed you were using a tool .

In 2014 Social Drums was sold to Media Injection.



In 2014, Social Drums was sold
to Media Injection, Amsterdam.


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