Semantic Content Network

Scoutle, launched in 2008, is a semantic network of blogdata. By analyzing blogs, blogposts, meta data, unique visitors, length of visits, user input and comparing all results continuously, Scoutle is able to learn what the value of a blog, a blogpost and a visitor is. Additionally, Scoutle is able to tell where related content can be found once you’re reading an interesting article somewhere.

Scoutle uses a different approach to retrieve and analyze data. Scoutle uses so-called scouts that stroll the internet and do basically all the work. With tenthousands of users worldwide and over 100 articles and mentions by press like TechCrunch, Washington Post, Italian television and many different newspapers in Europe, India and Australia, you may state Scoutle introduced a revolutionary method of semantic data value calculation, back in 2008.


In 2015, Scoutle was sold
to Triberr New York.

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